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IT Security Kill Chain

1. April 2023

Attacks on IT systems are a constant threat to all organizations. The IT Security Kill Chain model has been developed by Lockheed Martin to allow organizations to gain a better understanding of the stages of an attack and develop strategies to stop attackers early in the process.

The Risks of Public Wi-Fi Networks

1. Februar 2023

The widespread availability of public Wi-Fi networks has made it easier for individuals and businesses to stay connected while on the go. However, public Wi-Fi networks can also present significant security risks.

Quick Incident Response: The Importance of Timely Reporting and Resolution

1. Januar 2023

Security incidents are an unfortunate reality for organizations of all sizes and industries. Whether it's a data breach, a phishing attack, or a system malfunction, security incidents can cause irreparable damage to an organization's reputation, finances, and operations. As a result, it is imperative that organizations are equipped to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents.

Zero-Trust Security: A Proactive Approach to IT Security

1. Dezember 2022

The traditional approach to IT security, known as "trust but verify," assumes that users and devices inside the network are trustworthy, while those outside the network are not. However, this approach has proven to be inadequate in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Password Best-Practices

1. November 2022

Passwords are the first line of defense against IT threats. They protect our personal and professional information from unauthorized access. However, despite their critical role, many people still struggle with password management.

Social Engineering: An inside threat

1. Oktober 2022

Social engineering is a type of attack that relies on human interaction to gain access to sensitive information or systems. Unlike other types of attacks, social engineering attacks don't rely on technology or hacking skills. Instead, they rely on psychological manipulation to trick individuals into revealing confidential information or making them perform actions that compromise their security.

Two-Factor Authentication: An Essential Layer of Security

1. September 2022

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security process that adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts. It requires you to provide two pieces of information in order to access your account – something you know (such as a password) and something you have (such as a smartphone).

The Basics of Encryption: Protecting Sensitive Data with Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

1. August 2022

In today's world, sensitive information is being transmitted and stored online more than ever before. This sensitive information can include personal data, financial information, and confidential business data.

Bring Your Own Device Security

1. Juli 2022

“Bring Your Own Device” continues to be a huge opportunity as well as a major challenge for businesses. Learn how to harvest the benefits of allowing employees to work on their own hardware and minimize IT security risk by taking the proper approach to develop effective BYOD policies